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Special features for your laboratory

FainaLab give you hundreds opportunities to digitize your laboratory processes and here are only some of them:

Optimized user experience

Transform your everyday laboratory management tasks into a delightfully intuitive and efficient experience.

Light side or dark side – choose your comfortable design
Need to add some fields to describe sample, user, client or any other system object? Autonaming rules have been changed or withdrawn default periods were increased? You could manage all this setting simply on your own with Fainalab customisation instruments. No need to wait for technical support.
More than 100 cases you could subscribe to. Customize your own notification rules - to have reminders on all events you prefer not to miss
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Effective work management

Feeling overwhelmed by deadlines and to-do lists? You're not alone. But what if you could transform your work style, boost productivity, and achieve more in less time

Improve your time management – don`t miss any important date. With our calendar you could plan any organization event, colleagues' birthdays, calibration updates, write-off dates of reagents, samples, etc.
Set up work schedules in your laboratory to get an opportunity to see actual working staff.
Forget about stickers on monitor – all mini instructions you need to have on hand could be pinned in your FainaLab and you can check them in any moment
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Lab management

Ready to unlock the full potential of your laboratory? Fainalab is your trusted partner in laboratory management.

FainaLab is a powerful instrument for any laboratory calculations. Create variables, mark them with symbols and use them in formulas to calculate the value of parameters. You can share values of variables with other parameters calculation or through parallel measurements, compute their values by calibration curves equations or with usage of reconciliation tables. Also you could use previously calculated parameters as variables in your formulas.
Construct any list of parameters with their inclusions which you could to imagine: numbered lists, alphabetic lists, marked lists – no limitations. Also you could construct similar methods with personalizing them to normative documents and procedures or type of samples. Set up average reagent expanses to auto calculate their usage in different periods of time.
No need in Excel trend lines or special application for calibration curves. FainaLab provides you ability to create linear regression equations and curves for simple and comprehensive functions (y=kx+b, f(y)=k*f(x)+b, where f() could also be logarithmic, square or power function). Estimate the quality of your linear regression model and use it for further calculations in your analyses.
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