Time and process management

Unleash the power of seamless interaction with our system. Transform your everyday laboratory management tasks into a delightfully intuitive and efficient experience.


Improve your time management – don`t miss any important date. With our calendar you could plan any organization event, colleagues' birthdays, calibration updates, write-off dates of reagents, samples, etc.

Working schedule and Workers status

Set up work schedules in your laboratory to get an opportunity to see actual working staff.

Operational instructions

Forget about stickers on monitor – all mini instructions you need to have on hand could be pinned in your FainaLab and you can check them in any moment

Task system

FainaLab gives you an opportunity to manage any external task and to track it status on every step.

Notification rules

More than 100 cases you could subscribe to. Customize your own notification rules - to have reminders on all events you prefer not to miss

Optimized user experience

All records in FainaLab could be created not only from the main menu, but also from other records. Here are a lot of quick buttons to create actions faster. Need to edit something - use hyperlink, no need to search from another page.

Dark theme and light theme

Light side or dark side – choose your comfortable design

Hot keys

A lot of field are hyperlinked to each other, so you could quickly find, edit and check any information you need. We also added some buttons for quick navigation and object management. Add any new information from any place where it needed.


Upgraded Management: Lab in Your Pocket, Client Connection at Your Fingertips

Contract requirements

With our application you can save contract requirements for any common set of analyses to boost your order processing

Analysis status inspection

Check analysis results at any time – see actual result, compare it with contract requirements, order for retest if you need, create analytical report on chosen data.


Save info about your partners to simplify and automate document filling. Fainalab is also could be setted up to automatically mailing analytical reports, invoices, etc.

Parameters calculation

From raw data to refined results: Simplify your lab workflow with Fainalab.

Parameters calculation

FainaLab is a powerful instrument for any laboratory calculations. Create variables, mark them with symbols and use them in formulas to calculate the value of parameters. You can share values of variables with other parameters calculation or through parallel measurements, compute their values by calibration curves equations or with usage of reconciliation tables. Also you could use previously calculated parameters as variables in your formulas.

Methods construction

Construct any list of parameters with their inclusions which you could to imagine: numbered lists, alphabetic lists, marked lists – no limitations. Also you could construct similar methods with personalizing them to normative documents and procedures or type of samples. Set up average reagent expanses to auto calculate their usage in different periods of time.

Calibration curves

No need in Excel trend lines or special application for calibration curves. FainaLab provides you ability to create linear regression equations and curves for simple and comprehensive functions (y=kx+b, f(y)=k*f(x)+b, where f() could also be logarithmic, square or power function). Estimate the quality of your linear regression model and use it for further calculations in your analyses.

Reconciliation tables

Set up tables from methods to FainaLab once when creating method and you ll be never have to look at the table to find value of b from value of a to use b in formula (like density of water from information about its temperature or sugar solution density from information about its refraction index)

Validity checks

Create control cards for any method or parameter and check your trends.


Fainalab is a comfortable instrument for shelf life monitoring - check the status of a sample at any moment. Also you could group your sample types by wider categories for quick choice of them in methods, orders and contract requirements.


Create any journals you want: you are able to customize fields, responsible user, schedule for records.

Reagent storage

Never run out, never waste: Total Control Over Your Lab Reagents.


FainaLab is your online reagent storage monitoring instrument, which gives you an opportunity to check actual information about the quantity of reagents and warn you if it is time to resupply. All excesses could be automatically generated from information about method and actual analyses. Also, you could monitor information about end of reagents shelf-life.

Reagent recipes

Need to prepare some reagent? It is very easy to perform with FainaLab help. Store all receipts in our application and perform automatic calculation to every suitable quantity of reagent you need. Get a reminder if you have not enough reagents to perform analyses and receive tasks with hints on how to prepare reagents you need.

Document management

Document creation made easy! Store everything securely and create beautiful documents in just a few clicks with our customizable templates.

Document templates

Create and customize templates for invoices and analytical reports at any moment. Fainalab templates instrument automatically updated all templates from the updated public files.

File storage

Use FainaLab as your cloud document storage application: you can download all contracts, normative documents, reagent quality certificates, etc; create and store analytical reports and invoices; download any document or image you need to share as public file and you`ll get an opportunity to share access for it by URL.


Customize your account: Fainalab has a lot of features to make your experience with this system more comfortable and easy.


Create your own wiki for your team - share any document, article, photo.

Custom fields

Want to add any description field to samples, clients, order details and then parse them next to reports or invoices? Fainalab has this option.

Auto name

No need to rewrite similar information to your orders, reports or invoices data. Auto naming is one of Fainalab's features.

Advanced date and time settings

Want to set up default periods for samples, reagents withdrawn? Here is instrument for accurate and simple instrument for this aim.

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